Our deliverables included:

To facilitate the most effective presentation of the dynamic healthydebate article ‘grid’ –for mobile as well as desktop screens– custom features were added to the administrative back end. These custom WordPress admin features allow authors to customize the short excerpt that?is used to feature each article, depending on the cell size used to display it at that time. For example, when an article was new, it would be showcased in a larger cell, and after time it would be displayed in a smaller placement. Each of these require different content lengths to remain readable.

To boot, we also provided a “boosting” content-management feature that allows the site admin personnel to promote any article to a top ‘feature’ placement, should its subject matter become noteworthy at a later date. Staff then are able to be ‘news editors’ or curators of timely content.


Each type of content is given a slightly different design layout, to help visitors easily identify the type of content they are looking at. Patient stories (top) for instance, present with a more compelling personal photo and smaller blocks of content


Articles and other post types include their own relevant collection of ‘meta’ data, such as date and author(s)